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Welcome to the ‘My Exercise, health, beauty (k-beauty!) & fitness platform – where we can shop, share and learn together!

Started by Nunu Ma with the support of family, friends & experts this project is here to deliver a holistic solution to all our health, beauty, skincare and fitness problems in one place with like-minded community members just like you!

“A holistic solution to all our health, beauty (skincare) & fitness problems in one place

Nunu Ma

Nunu spent many years working and researching on her fitness, health and skincare problems. Meanwhile having been a consumer for years herself she realised it really doesn’t need to be as complex, time or money consuming as the many courses and products available out there.

Moreover the key to perfecting all these aspects of her life was understanding the underlying principles, consequently she decided to share her knowledge in exactly the platform she hoped to have found sooner in her youth!

Below are some of the key visions of ‘My Exercise’:

  • Selection of recommended good & clean products (with research/ clinical proof/ traditional medicine)
  • Skin education – understand our skin & body needs
  • Fitness principles & key training methods – courses, blog posts, inspiring / recommended shop equipment & supplements
  • Inspiring to eat healthy food & recipes – for a detoxed body, skin & mind
  • Natural beauty trends & products (K-beauty biased – as some brands really made a difference and changed the industry forever!)
  • Support charities & community projects by aiming to share or fund 25% of all yearly net profits. We are also considering as part of this community solution job creation / apprenticeship opportunities and paid training – we think it’s particularly important aspect of empowering communities to become able to support themselves. (We welcome suggestions on where you think this portion can best be used). In 2022 we just started out and despite being in debt – we shared what we could (see our tiktok video below – Thank you <3)
  • Ethical stance – review & consider our footprint & ethical dilema’s of the skincare, beauty & fitness industries

In short this platform is here for you and together ‘with you’ to present, educate and share holistic internal & external solutions (plus research) related to health, fitness & beauty… we will try to cover the necessary basics so you can fly and master your own body, mind & spirit – making it your ‘Exercise’!

@myexercisebeauty Thank you to all our customers ❤️it’s only possible with your support… Sharing in the love of kbeauty & Skincare💖. Hopefully next year it will be even bigger & better🤞🙏💝 Thank you again 🥰 Psst, some of our lucky customers will also get a free Benton mask with their order (while stocks last!). We have a huge flash SALE for Boxing day & New Year! Check it out!!! Shop on profile. 🎁🎄💖🎉☃️ #boxingdaysale #tiktokmademebuyit #skincaregiveaway #gifts #koreanskincare #kindness #sharingthelove ♬ Santa’s Workshop – Mark Fabian & Alexander Smith

Top image: Nunu Ma / Sensei / Personal trainer / Sifu / Organic Skincare formulator in the making

Picture of My_Exercise_Team


We are team 'My Exercise' with Nunu Ma & friends. Here to help you on your health, beauty & fitness journey - just ask.


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