How much should we really spend on skincare?

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What amount of skincare and for what price is considered too much?

The answer depends on your skin & income!

The truth is it’s alot more about what we eat & drink, how much we stress, sleep and how we treat our ‘skin’ – the largest organ protecting our body. The last layer if we could put it that way is the skin barrier & protection.

Most importantly enjoy the self-care process and remember to love your routine. Because love hormones like oxytocin changes your body & skin for the better!

Water is the source of all life – so it’s only natural to keep the body hydrated for better skin, but it’s also recommended to splash the skin (face in particular) with unpolluted water (like distilled water) often to keep it moist, which can also help prevent wrinkles. So that’s where skincare cosmetics can play a role in protecting the body from water loss and therefore better hydrated & ‘bouncier’ skin (highly recommend toner masks for this type of hydration). Skincare can also provide quick fixes in our busy lifestyles and help keep moisture & beneficial nutrients in, prevent free radicals and cleanse the pores etc.

So the question is how much should we really spend on it? Well it’s upto any individual circumstance however we like to say keep it simple, on a basic level you need a:

1- Cleanser

2- Skin hydrater – (serum, toner, essence, ampoule etc.)

3- Specific Skincare – ingredients that target your skin concerns (i.e. dry skin, acne-care, anti-ageing, dull-skin etc.)

4- Moisturizer – to seal in the moisture (slightly occlusive) and / a facial oil.

That’s it, just 4 items (or 3 if you don’t have any major skin concerns), if and when you need some go ahead & shop, make sure its with love & research for the product – and it carries the most benefits that are suitable for your skin type and season. And if your up for a more complex – but wholistic – year & seasonal skincare plan (because skin changes!), I personally recommend a max. of 2-3 cosmetics every season (or just for winter & summer – maybe a max. 4-12 products in a year to suit your needs. There may still be some skincare left over from the previous year – so possibly less, only if and when you need it and it empowers you with long term benefits then shop away & enjoy!

In short if you know your products well and choose ingredients packed formulations (that actually work well together i.e. Vitamen C & SPF), then really you should budget for a max. between $50-200 (approx. £35-150 – as of this blog post date!) and only if your going for expensive / ethical clean beauty with the high end income! Well atleast that has been our experience from over and under spending for many years and finally settling with our unique seasonal routines that actually work. Let us know what you think?

Most importantly enjoy the self-care process and remember to love your routine. Because love hormones like oxytocin changes your body & skin for the better!

How much do you spend on your skin routine?

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